Why Organic Innerwear ?

Have you ever wondered that the innerwear what we are using today might be the cause of several health issues?

The conventional innerwear today is made with cloth that has undergone chemical bleaching, chemical dying and surface treatment to make it more colourful and attractive. This chemical residue will not go even after several washes. Moreover, it is highly elastic in nature with an elastic strip, which is named as trend/style. This toxic and highly elastic clothing lies closest to our skin near the most sensitive parts of our body for long periods, which is causing several health issues in the long run.

Research reveals that the underlying reason behind Infertility/Low Sperm Count in Men and Yeast/Vaginal/Bladder infections in Women are due to the usage of tight and chemical based underwear.

Yes, since decades we are using these conventional innerwear, which are creating many health issues as mentioned above, due to its highly elastic and chemical nature.

Time has come to say big NO to conventional Innerwear and WELCOME Organic Innerwear.

A simple change in life style can create wonders and may resolve many complex health issues.

“Organic Innerwear” produces innerwear with 100% herbal dyed cotton fabric prepared from naturally available plant herbs. Being herbal dyed, they are chemical free, healthier, safe and anti-bacterial. Moreover, we adopt traditional dying techniques, which in turn adds cooling and comfort with minimum elasticity to innerwear. By adopting these traditional techniques, we support, few Indian hand-crafted artisan families, who make the product. Usage of organic innerwear products on long term basis is anticipated to promote health of our secret parts. Organic innerwear is an initiative for promotion of healthier fashion. Kindly do support our cause, for your well-being.

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