Kya Apke Underwear Mein Neem Hai?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Is underwear wrongly written in place of tooth paste? If u are thinking like this, it’s exactly wrong. Time has come to use neem underwears, I mean herbal dyed innerwears. Reason is very simple. Neem is in tooth paste for its anti-bacterial property. If question of importance comes, decide which is important TEETH or INNER BODY PARTS. Obviously, it is the inner parts for me and the reason is also important and is secret 😉.

Question here is that the present day branded under wears what we are using are really protecting our inner parts. If yes, why are the infertility cases alarmingly raising? Is that hereditary? Absolutely not. Then why? It is because of the changing life style, where we are giving more importance to fashion than to health. Just think off once. The chemical based tight fit garments are destroying the fertility of men and women. Even the studies reveal the same, which can be googled. Don’t get carried away with the looks and the brand. Does it matter spending Rs.100/- more for buying a healthy innerwear made by using natural herbs by real craftsmen. Think wisely and choose "organic innerwear" products. It not only promotes and protects your health but also serves poor traditional craftsmen. We care your wear.

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