Frequently Asked Questions

Why returns are not accepted?

We sell innerwear products. Items like inner-wear do not come under our return policy.

Which age group should use "Organic Innerwear" products?

Suggested for long term use by all age groups who use innerwear.

The looks of the "Organic Innerwear" products are not colorful compared to the innerwear available in the market. Why?

We prefer fashion to healthier fashion. Being prepared from herbal dyed fabric, the color appears dull and is natural.

The Price of "Organic Innerwear" products is high compared to available products in the market. Why?

At Organic Innerwear, products are made from herbal dyed fabric and are priced very reasonably.

How many underwear shall I order?

Underwears are worn daily and timely replacement of the same is must for better health. Accordingly, the order number may be placed as per your choice. If you want to just make a try, order one/two initially.

Where can I buy "Organic Innerwear" products?

We sell our products through our website

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