Organic Innerwear is a brand producing desi style super comfortable innerwear for a healthier life style.

For us, organic is not a trend but a philosophy. Responsibility towards our health and environment is not an option, but a must. Accordingly, the arrival of Organic Innerwear is touted to be a game changer.


At Organic Innerwear

We Produce desi style super comfortable innerwear.

We Use fabric infused with Neem, Turmeric and other natural herbs.

We Believe in health rather than fashion.

We Love nature and products made naturally.

We Intend to change the world from fashion to healthy fashion.

We Care your wear.


We support traditional Indian artisans

Inspired by the Ayurveda - Indian Culture and traditions, the concept of introducing herbal dying process for making healthier innerwear was thought and the idea was succeeded under the brand Organic Innerwear.  

"Organic Innerwear" produces Innerwear without using any chemicals. We dye our fabric material with elements given by nature: vegetables, roots and blossoms. They indeed give natural colour coupled with natural safety. Conventional cloth dying uses thousands of chemicals for vibrant colours to attract, which may cause skin irritations or allergies, others hormonal effects. Organic Innerwear prefers fashion to healthier fashion. Our colours originate directly from mother nature and her beautiful diversity. Plants like pomegranate, turmeric, Neem etc., give us all the colours which make our products lively and healthy.

We Care Your Wear

Its more important to take care about our daily essential clothing. Innerwear which we use daily is not being looked in perspective of health till date, which may be the root for the increasing hygiene & infertility problems. Using Ayurvedic techniques, we make innerwear products. The products may not be eye catching to the fashion world but will definitely cares our inner parts, which is more important than trendiness.

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